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knee joints. The more or less swollen joints contain a yellow

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tient in his absence and departed for the scene of action.

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bility occurs when remedies which are mixed together

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or great brain of the organic system and probably the starting point in

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the Oriental Queen convict ship. Acting.Assistant surgeon John

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characterized by a neomembrane of inflammatory origin with increasing

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which the patient was not as sick as in those cases spok

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subject to many diseases. There may be adhesions including the

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fixednefs fince ufually the fame things which make a body firm give

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which could account for the presence of collar stud in bronchus.

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ganglion itself is of the cerebrospinal type of ganglia and is

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necessary. In other words the quantity of impurities as dust and

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souffle in an extra cardiac souffle in and in QQ cases the heart

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process of coagulation and contrary to the opinion of Wooldridge

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strands of loose fleecy cotton c. single colonies of the necrosis

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development the last named like that derived from the salivary

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of the febrile chill in which both the contractile and the

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being less to be recovering in a real sense and may thus erroneously

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these epidemics as well as others cited it appears that

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presumably when no more plausible mechanical cause of the

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Bhot wounds of the vertebral column when treated by

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I an important feature to therapeutics. Physicians have al

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pain of rheumatic origin or neuralgic in character is more local

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the CATARRH there has been a constant discharge of THIN WATERY

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fications which tliat function undergoes when the activity of the organ

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in France until they were introduced there by Voltaire in


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