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J mailer than the next which Jo/lows, and of a pale

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in the Ground , but die and perijl) every Tear ^ from

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Robert Tucker, the latter gentleman the following year receiving

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in repr effing hot Infla mat ions and Humors , it is

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bafcum vile , Tap/us notbus , Tapfus vilis : and in

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tal Jacinth. This feems to be of the fame Kind with

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wort, has a Root which is thick and bujhy , which pe-

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VII. fie fifth has a Root white and long, with fome

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the Forehead in wet Spunges it flops Defluxions, and

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it cools the Blood, refills Poifon, quenches Thirft,

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run, and a little thereof put into Antimony and Ni-

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Effence, lnfufion and diftilled Water ate prefenbed.

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Ear alfo : ’Tis true that Tbeopbraflus , from whom

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by much : and their color differs not much , but is

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parted or divided for lncreafe, but it does not c. reep

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ufed to be eaten. It is ufually Kurfl up in Gardens

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to thofc below, but a little nm e .coved on the edges:

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by the Sea fide in Lancafbire at a place called Ly-

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the intrathoracic tumor completely separated from the thyroid gland ;

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therefore need but one Deffcription : The Leaves are

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their superstitious advice ? Would not both the victim, of what-

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1 'artarous Humors ^ and ftops all forts qf Fluxes of

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ry Stalks, lying in a round Compafs upon the Ground -,

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fence; it is. good againft the Plague or Peftilence,.

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III. Its Root is white, and creeps about underGround,

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ny ltandipg together, Spike- fafhion, one above ano-

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Albertine , or Pafs Scala , Flefh color with Carna-

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forced to be eaten by all forts of People, in times

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2nd. That the virus is present whether there is disease of the

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their names to the Memorial presented in 1763, three only lived

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Aside from the question of segregation of cases to prevent the

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glands being involved, it would appear that one-half of the cases

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except a fmall part of it , towards its top , which is

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r.oife of the Ears, and removes rhe deafnefs ; it any

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inches broad , being deeply jagged or divided again

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lefler divided , and towards the tops nothing at all,

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beginning of May, and continue flowering thro’ all

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ton had been fought, and it was not long before some of the best

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cleanfe, incarnate, drv and heal old running Sores!

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the J, 'aid white , as alfo about the brims or edges ,


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