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may be permanent ; while in others, as in a case recorded by Dubreuilh

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tive frequency of the disease at the various ages is seen in Table XIV.,

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(e) Count, 1,000 R.B.C., 200 in the center and 200 in each

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out the chief lines on which treatment proceeds, and to indicate some

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the 7th dorsal root ; at the autopsy, six weeks afterwards, the 6th,

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in action. But a less intense form of nervous excitability is required for

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diseases and E. multiforme ? It may be remarked that in the case where

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done to the community, and will be punished as crimes.

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been thus wrecked, perhaps for life — especially among women. An

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in suspension. Some physicians would add to it 30 or 40 grains

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(phthisis pulmonalis, erythema induratum scrofulosorum, cervical adenitis,

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When bodily symptoms are present they require careful consideration.

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I have said, is not a cause of idiocy or insanity unless there be disease

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(2) Diseases. If the cages are kept clean and an ample diet

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