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tion has not been discovered. When you have pain in the lumbar region
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original inflannnatory action beginning in its struc
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tribution of the cases showed that they occurred in private
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juvenility Mr. Wind and Madam Eain by Paul De Musset translated by Emily
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den is divided between them. The mother retains possession of the
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oviduct were two fusiform swellings the one about. cm. from
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of blood. In women it rarely appears in place of normal menstru
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without wounding any other structure. No hemorrhage took place.
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tressing and not allayed by frequent applications of
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attached. They should be kept in the open air in the
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tilaginous tissue. When this change has been effected it is
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effort to give a tincture of knowledge of hygiene to all chil
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H. Wathen of Louisville in this paper gave specific
estimating the relative frequency of infection with
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any palpable anatomical peculiarity yet the time of its occurrence aftei
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diaphragm. The surface was more or less irregular and palpa
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spected by officers of the service to determine their
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profile. Next day the portraits suddenly disappeared and were suc
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uninterrupted recovery and left the hospital June th.
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and they must also be predicated upon the facts estab
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arm paralyses were not very suitable for operation espe
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plied to injured limb soon after admission to hospital
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that tracheotomy which has been suggested should have any
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tion was made early there was no doubt that quite a
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castration of other rabbits showed that the cylindrical
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large school or a barrack for soldiers being first attacked and of the
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he builds castles in the air and romances in a peculiarly
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is Chinese tea the efficacy of which in poisoning by strych
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zone which soon dries and sticks the gauze firmly to the skin.
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organization of the thrombus has occurred with organic occlu
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Enteron and colon. Excess of enteronic and colonic secretion
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short attacks of laryngeal irritation and sense of a foreign
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ferent fate. In other words had good machinery for doing
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and cat are numerous enough but the details of their
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most eminent and distinguished men. We very much wish that
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the light of more recent observations it must I think be regarded as
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this fact is obvious for it gives a warning which if properly heeded
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sional service in he removed to Missouri where distinguished him
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thoritative information on medical matters that the
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still held by many that dermatology is but the illegiti
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or granulation cells accumulating especially on its pe
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operating one endeavors to minimize as much as pos


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