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the natives of India for the cure of recent intermittmg fevers.

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on the other. In both cases the first unnatural condition is increase of

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has already applied to Mr. Mann Chairman of the House Com

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then wash with pumice stone soap or fine sand soap. In a

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on and the necessity of cutting down on all tumours in the

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Also its value in checking the convulsions in prevent

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viously anaesthetic area and this response to stimula

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the child s mouth. The cat was at once driven away

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contractions as shown by the varying P R intervals. Slight sinus arhythmia is

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the infectiousness of the nasal discharge of the infected horses by inocu

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or livid tint prevails especially where a cancerous vice exists but

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from this recess to the paraphysis he gave the name lamina

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the high reputation of its author. Two improvements may without

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ward s deed in such case would be absolutely invalid.

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he felt in the success of vaccination by giving some very

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aural rehabilitation units performed only minor surgical procedures and

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brospinal fluid. The laboratory findings had obscured

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The same principles of treatment as given above apply

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brief is as follows A State Biological Laboratory was established

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or those laboring under violent delirium and having

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quantities or in particular constitutions from rheumatism

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culture of streptococcus was obtained. A patient a coal miner whose

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Plan to insure that physicians have adequate input into

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the hands of Dr. Sayre a case which terminated fatally that the

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tive about ten or twelve miles north of this in the country

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great heat on his forehead. I ordered his head to be raised


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