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face are lined with the same mucous membrane which lines the nose

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Educational and Scientific Trust of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

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osteopathy writes of the three essentials. He says Were I asked to name

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reviews the opinions of authorities as to the effects of

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practical bearing upon the live stock industry in the ultimate con

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subscribers have for years preserved their Journals and to those who

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The most striking facts concerning this small pox fer

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There are already admirable opportunities for the study of physiological

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the hardened tissues of the abdominal wall I enlarge the

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was less htcmorrhage than one would have expected from an

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sheet or layer of pliable tissue serving as a cover

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Neuralgia Facial tic douloureux. Treat the pain as for cerebro

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ways which dwellers in large cities are apt to forget I

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sending out a varying number of processes. Some nerve cells

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which are really languishing for want of patronage.

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me that in pneumonia the symptoms and not the disease

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investigation into the transmission of this disease to succes

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arthritis described by Professor Smith and Dr. Adams of

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mals. It is represented below by a solid column of epitlielial cells

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numbers that it is diflScult to see how the circulation can pro

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it is congenital have been reported and knock knee and


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