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Again a patient may suffer from what is known as shock

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ounvci of Dilute PhoKphorin Acid and two ounces of water. The Strychnine

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Pennsylvania and one of the most eminent physicians of

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fourteen days. We may conclude from these facts says M. Velpeau

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young girls. In several instances I have seen simple hyperemia in a

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with the rapid development of the febrile condition all of which symp

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public and for the medical profession with the result that it is not

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Many cases occur in people of rheumatic history and

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adequate to express the thanks and gratitude we owe Dr. Reade

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the college in. After he left the college he visited

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means which will accomplish the result should be resorted to and prefer

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suffering from vomiting and when I saw her in a state of collapse.

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majority of the members having decided to admit Hansbrough all of the

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to the source of gratification to the Fellows of the

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tion from the skin is imperfect and the perspiration accumu

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into the grave. There is no incompatibility between firmness and kind

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inquiries addressed by Dr. Johnstone was in favour of

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Then there is prolapse of the uterus or dropping of

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and toward achieving gains which will continue and increase

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introducing his trial breakfast and in spite of many other

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Definition. An acute highly contagious fever with specific localization

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patient is kept in a quiet and darkly illuminated room two doses daily.

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whom in the course of treatment with tuberculin tuberculosis of the tongue


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