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throuf^h the fistulous opening, more markedly so when he lies on his

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measured out and mixed, and allowed to stand at room tempera-

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useful, as Driburg (Hersterquelle), Lippspringe (Arminiusquelle) in

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be taken at each meal, and an extra quantity at supper, to help dispose

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whitish fur, and there is a peculiar and somewhat offensive odour

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meat broth and some form of meat free from carbohydrates (beef, veal,

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singularly philosophical and beautiful physiological experiments for

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when the tube of collodion can easily be withdrawn from the glass tube. The collo-

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green slopes of Warriston Cemetery; and thither the remains of

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Experiment 8. — A couple of grams of moist oidiomycetes were ground in the porcelain-

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viscera ; but even though such walls may be very useful in prevent-

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reaction. With guinea-pigs which had never been fed with corn

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the thorax in order to prevent the bronchi from being clogged by a cast.

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render tolerable an attack already begun, two means are at our command :

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into the surrounding zones. Oidia are all budding, this condition seeming to be a little

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and firmer, produces very dense fibrous adhesions ; and also to the

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he is quickly rubbed down. The action of this procedure is apparently

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as 92°, and the respiration at 50. During collapse, Mr Macnamara

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Potato. — A fairly large, light-brown growth spreading over the surface where the

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has convinced me of, that vice, in the classes where it is in a

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somnia I sometimes add a small dose of codeine and rarely employ

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first that had occurred to me in practice, and I candidly admit I

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other diseases of the blood, mental and physical rest is imperative, and

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pared with that of normal leukocytes under the influence of normal serum (cytophagic index).

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The abdominal parietes, testicles, seminal vesicles, and diaphragm are peppered

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and many others has shown that the degree of specificity is perhaps even more marked

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A stand-point is thus obtained, whereby force can be gradually

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J causing great improvements and ameliorations to be made in the

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ciation, the Apothecaries' Company, entitled only to charge for drugs,


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arise from such a procedure. Besides, whenever no such effort had

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Florida, and Georgia. The climate of the Berkshires is too damp for

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guinea-pig. It was hoped that the toxin would be absorbed

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belongs to an atom of hydrogen. While the substance in union on

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level of a mere cell life ? By no means. By that interpretation,

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Having found tlie splint figured and described below of great

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second year, meat and eggs may be allowed, and some light vegetable,

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To obviate the danger of salivation the following should be used at

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on his stomach, in order to avoid a possible passive hyperaemia of the

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