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red or purple. On section the capsule and trabeculie are slightly thickened,
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That any person, firm, or corporation, or any officer or agent of any such person, firm,
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Agr., Bureau of Ahimal Industry, 12th and 13th ann. rept, 1895-1896,
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ney. Intravenous urogram showing normal upper urinary tract
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glohe. from every land in which modern surgery is prac-
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erectafil 20 mg side effects
raking shores from stanchion to stanchion and sides of ship. If upper and lower decks
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longitudinal striations in a few of them. I could not
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with removal of the twelfth rib. This incision is particu-
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a specimen in which the cells were well visualized.
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condition In dogs it has not yet been demonstrated by serial section
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tin in'iNuiis systiiii with a iirnjli' \ iilijs ii'iilts similar to tliusi' \irn'li
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the natural increase of the stud. In Colorado, however, the station
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the piy's liver may l.c ac.'onnto.I f,.i, in'i «..iil«. I.y «u|.|.oMn:; that .li'wituiation
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shows a reduction in the amount of fat, phosphoric acid, lime, and
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freedom accorded to dogs seems to cheapen them in our estimation.
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it I'liiiliiiiis iiiiliiii', wliicli exists in niniliiiMl inn willi ;i iiiiii|ii'iil('iii iiitm';
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Charlie B twice brought broth for Harry A and was in the A's apart-
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The colon of the dog has been chosen for this investigation. By our
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October 1, and that no prohibited preservative has been applied thereto, except as allowed
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^ of a milligram is equivalent to one international unit. Because of THEELIN’s
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Without waiting to send a conmiittee to investigate and rei>ort,
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ciation neurons from the larsie hcail jraiiiilia; in other wonls, the jiart
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spots are most fmp.ent a. the nipples, th-n. in onh^r. -on.e the ehest th
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llv been made, particularly by llohnes^' and by Collier.' on sol-
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ison; Dr. Virden, Kansas City, and Mrs. Weber, Far-
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trolytes; the blood count; electrocardiograph; cysto-
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and applied with or without thrombin, Gelfoam may be left
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Ellis Burnett E Gideon Fischer, Erich St. Louis Garner, Lynn M Jefferson City
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and, on the other hand, a number of birds were found that had died
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M.fuic «<■ pr,M-c,..l riirtli.T Mitli a .lis,Missi,,n of tin- mctalH.lism ..i
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complete occlusion of the lumen with secondary canalization. The walls
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Autopsy records. Analysis of, 98; a. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, 99;
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invoked frequently since. Practically all subsequent studies have
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State of Missouri and 60 per cent of the amount is re-
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lei|._'tli of time, we ale Jiistilied in ciiitailinii: the earliohydrate supply so as
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il iliillietie illlililill exeretrs iimmc 'jllleiise while feij mi il '.^Mll I'l kmIsI IllT.
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tingencies hereinbefore stated : Provided, That it shall not be required that sheep be
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I'csoliitiniis iif protein and fat aiol earlicdiydrato in interinediary nu'tali-
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to the lowest vegetable forms (bacteria), as well as to the highest
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Boston, and Baltimore, respectively, the Bureau, in June, 1905, se-
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The virulence of human tuberculosis can be enormously increased by the


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