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ble of producing this elevated tension seems d priori probable ; but this is a


some days an increase takes place until, in the case of the potato,

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referred to topics which are now occupying a large share of

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concluded to remove the thumb above the first phalangeal articulation ; and this

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would be interested to know where the other thirteen million,

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her name was borrowed. She was a precocious child, and early

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(g) Parasitic hemoptysis due to Paragonimus tDestermanii. The sputum

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and gladsome diapasons ! And why should man alone, of all the creation, look

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Parisian Medical Banquet. — The banquet given to M. Ricord by his

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derness and distension in the right iliac fossa lasted two weeks, and the duration

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and fourth week, which was attributed to the contraction of scar tissue.

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thereby making contact with the abdominal operator.

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same general principle. Again local gastro-intestinal symptoms

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49 Simple Garbage Incinerator and Crematory — On Improved

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the cars of com were plucked from the stalks and gathered into

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canal coursed along the axis of the tumour, but owing to the

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Kept at the State Lunatic Hospital, Worcester, Ms. Lot. 42° 15' 49". Elevation 483 ft.

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{{/) Pariti/. — Dickinson states that primipara' and multipara^ are

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jiass down in a straight lino to the depth of three or

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tens death. Graafe, the late surgeon-general to the Prussian

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tubercles is a rarity in uncomplicated tuberculous meningitis. Choroidal tuber-

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Antimony, and all diaphoretics act by lessening the labour of the

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on Diseases of the Ear. By D. B. St. John Roosa, M. D.

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limbs or trunk ; and this feature of the malady it is which bears the

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ent upon the question as to whether the skull had been fractured or

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which twins had existed, one of whom was born per vias

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ceptible influence upon the secretion of the gastric

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mal to animal, from animal to human being, from one

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clusion, let us wish long life and prosperity to dear old P. & S., to our professors, and instructors, and their

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sometimes recover, and when death supervenes, it does so from cholera-like

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turbance — an ataxia of the vasomotor system. And even if we

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bands of fibres formed the obstacle to reduction; he therefore carefully

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to pack the wound, then if packing fails, an attempt may be made

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intestinal form ; previous high feeding and obesity the bilious ;

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have laid down their lives with no thought save that of duty and humanity,

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attitudes of the body, by increasing <ir diminishing the flexion


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