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single growths oi large si e. or as diffuse infiltrations of
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treatment or after surgical interference only. Such
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him the affection of his patients and their friends.
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blood of the horse is found to have become very much
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ed in the Washington National Monument made a final report. It
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Flu.. Section of tlie frontal cortex stained by Van Gieson s
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did the awl s removal aid in his recovery for recovery
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retraction which strangulates and partly destroys the parenchyma of
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times daily in young children. in older ones as recommended by
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comes the period of decline when the waste is in excess of
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constitutes a mild form of gastric lavage. The complete
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the immense weight of the horse imposed upon it. The stone under
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duced either by obstruction of the veins arteries or lymphatics
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apparently mechanical pressure from the enlarged thymus gland.
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the passage through it of the organisms which fatal
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leukocidal power heating at C. for minutes completely destroys
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these factors the varieties of pneumococci concerned in the production
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tomoses of the veins of the umbihcus with the contiguous
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now seldom used excejit for problems in physics. It
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which are exploited to define refine and establish scientific paradigms are immune
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dary lesions are not marked and a careless physician relying
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Some are made up of small grayish masses or clumps of desquamated
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right shoulder. The patient is a well developed youth
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discrete bundle of muscle lying in the septum of the heart.
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characteristic symptoms of cyesis including pain abdominal en
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ligature sinuses were those of extensive pelvic sup
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mustnrd drafts upon them. At the same time apply a large mustard
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Parke Davis s chloride of adrenalin in a teaspoonful of cold
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to the opposite kidney is quite unproved that it is a dan
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and subendocardial Spontaneous and ergonovine induced cor


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