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and all women wlio lose their nui slin hefore this e
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pregnancy was not observed and intra uterine pregnancy may have I
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offer such a safeguard against candidates passing and not
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etc. was not only far less than formerly and still diminishing but
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in the preparation for each major operation especially laparotomies
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a very large percentage of women teachers suffer from
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centre is on the mesial surface in the cuneus especially about the calcarine
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plegia became complete. Dr. Shaffer has said that he
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ond alvine evacuations of normal color it may also happen
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becomes tougher and more resistant besides showing thin
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the first stage is well advanced oftentimes not until
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forceps. She seemed temporarily better but rapidly grew worse. On open
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fore the ulcers had broken through and that almost all
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Sclerotlcectomla skler ot ik ek toin e ah clerotiea
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found in almost every small and condensed book upon
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arise. Dr. Andrews has given a most interesting contribu
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to the conviction that Raynaud s disease and sclerodacty
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tumors identical in appearance with the gray miliary
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tered the lungs on the contrary show at first symptoms of irritation
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cause of abortion is unknown not only must the practi
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tility diminishes the patellar reflex is much less lively. Some
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shock the sight of some unpleasant occurrence such as free blood. This
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period of the fever parasitic bodies which according to Laveran
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which the burnt person spread upon his clothing in the endea
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the mucous membrane. Still local treatment shauld aim
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distressing cough often unproductive. Occasionally there is a profuse
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covered by the same kind of flaky lymph the lymph that is
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ably due to paralysis of the sympathetic fibers. The
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Letters of appreciation from Drs. Roscoe R. Bell Leonard
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who have left the quiet paths of private practice for
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verted points on pathology etc. is relegated to the back
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time the sale of your milk several other cases of typhoid fever have
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developed in different cases with varying intensity. Thus
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ous action on the cells themselves and influencing their
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conditions. Hematuria which forms a part of a hemor


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