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the intestinal mucous membrane for a longer time. The
conjoined with chloroform, or opium, in some form. Prussic
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I found him in intense agony. Hot appliances, local and general,
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not, as Mr. Wilson says, the particular temperament, climate, season,
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cated in France.* When used of the strength of 3G'' Cartier
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which he was unable to reduce by the usual method, because of the
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Tinctura Calumhce. Tincture of Calumba. (U. S. & B. P.)
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Ice and sulphur were administered freely ; but it was evident that
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the brain were found to be somewhat congested. On cutting into
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medullary and spinal respiratory centres. Fatal doses
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The shop-keeper is asked, " Do you buy milk of the accused ? "
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ment. Pancreatin is thus more useful than pepsin on account
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jection of the bunks, cannot be generally diffused throughout the
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■Composition very complex. Is said to contain cresol and
diurex maximum strength xpel water pills
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on the spot, with the assistance of Dr. Jeffries. The immediate effeet
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rector, a thick gelatinous substance was found adherent to it, of about
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IV. Treatment. — No treatment has been of any avail. When the
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water contained in the cube of one-hundredth of a meter
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The fourth, fifth and sixth ribs of the left side were fractured about
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ever. The perforation in the skull would barely admit the point
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as in causing immediate catharsis in colic and intestinal
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dogs and cats. Large doses cause nausea, colicky pains and
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depressed and paralyzed and death takes place by asphyxia.
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slices, about 25 Mm. thick ; the upper portion closely annu-
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with the most powerful glasses. The librillai, granules, pus-cells,
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minims (containing ^'j of a grain) of a solution are exhibited once
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but their absence is to be explained by the horror with which these
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of a few lines oidy. It is not our intention, however, to attempt here
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Acid, Phosphoric (dilute).— H., dr. 1-2 (cc. 4.-8.). C, dr. 2-4 (cc. 8.-
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21st. — Answers questions; pulse 116 ; respiration 18 ; skin moist;
diurex max cvs
have a like origin, — i.e., from the decomposition of albumi-


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