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Does Detrol Make You Hold Water

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olic Benevolent Association and for the Life Insurance Company;

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Missouri, i.SS[-S2 ; and was senior Vice-President of the

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day, and pronounced the case meningitis with effusion ; con-

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But the mantle is by this time worn so threadbare, and so eaten

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" Symphyseotomy and its After-eiTects, with a Description

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17th, when patient complained of great internal heat of body ;

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sinks into mere matter of scientific curiosity. The years, as we

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a member of the following scientific societies: Medico-Chirurgical

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lar joint, the articulation of the lower jaw, and the symphysis pubis, are then

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is short, the bullet may have been displaced by some move-

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times without fissures. The fissures are generally short.

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movements of an excito-motor character by irritation propagated

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have gained much when this reform is accomplished. — Austin

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tion of the vertebral column and thence advances upward; a downward ex-

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as well as those in which it should be avoided ? If so, my paper,

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number two handsome full-page chromo lithographic plates.

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or less, of exceedingly nasty, and too often dangerous medicine,

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On March 16 I found that the patient had passed a restless

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You will see from the above that the degree of the Boston

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the hurtful sympathy for which the hysterics crave ; but where

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in protruding the tongue. For one week he received daily gal-

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for Dr. Delafield, and assisting Dr. Prudden in instructing students

does detrol make you hold water

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The fugitive character of the arthritis has been spoken of as characteristic

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readers than if they had been offered in essay form ; and the


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