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a little painful but the solution soon exerts its anaesthetic
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nally very soft and friable internally and it showed greater
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from one to ten which theretofore it knew by name only. The
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operator may look. This reflects the light and reveals the interior of the
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their small size scanty light and insuificient circulation of
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Ffnsion of Blood into the Cavity of the Pleura mechanically arrests
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kidney and the external opening. Unfortunately this could
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ordinary closet. The heat generated by the setting cements may be
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treatment whereas prior to its use local recurrences were much
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hygroscopic condition of the air will modify more or less the
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of Physicians London Assistant Physician to the West
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the diagnosis of endocarditis. The spleen was much enlarged and an
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sented a specimen of Torsion of the Fallopian Tube.
amputating the appendix a special form of clamp is recom
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years but since she lias had regular defecations each
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Upon comparing the prognosis of this Basic type with
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in full doses the latter often antagonizing an excessive production of heat.
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patient always complained of pain at the point of the penis
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here. This is an anomaly or curiosity. I put it in to show
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quantity short of a buckful not so the male as was proven
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took place. Often the pain was manifest only on the reces
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certain areas preside over allotted functions and that they are capable of
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tions in Arteriosclerosis. By ARTHUR J. Ballantyne
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waters aid in this effort. Sceleth says that there is no
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evanescent Haubner. I have given proofs for and against
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around the ankle. Another a young man of the same city
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Later he practised at Litchfield and at Derby where


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