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shaped like an egg, 1-lOth of an inch long and ]-26th of an

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Traumatic or Wound Fever. —There are various grades of traumatic

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A Guide for English People to the Holiday Besorts on the Coasts ot the French

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ures, colotomy and laparotomy are the jiroceedings which have been pro-

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eurismal. But in all cases the latter are covered by the intestine, whereas

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ings. Exposure to cold and wet, alcoholismus, and venereal excesses here,

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ears and mouth, as well as the face and limbs. All utensils of whatever

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from pleurisy with retraction, and witliout the aid of an intelligent history

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exciting dust elements and the absence of tubercular tissue. Tubercular

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Wrist-joint. — Tuberculosis of the wrist is rare, and may occur at any


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