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only as an efficient preparation for the better action of the enema, which should
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on the synovial membrane. The epiphyses of the joint became thick-
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the mamma, and, by compression, cause the absorption of the lymph,
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ev.dent that a large portion of the superior maxilla would
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notism to suit the taste of some readers. When, however, we recall the
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I should have to resort to premature delivery to save my patient,
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unclean citizens, and, finally, because experience has shown
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the hernia by gentle internal traction, while the other assists the
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medical person witnessed the expectoration of blood
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hour on the preceding evening, could not discover any greater
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the outset of the course, I pointed out the various kinds of alter-
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eyelid of this side is shut, and the patient unable to open it.
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Hiiitvlugical characters of tubercle, according to different authorities. — It may
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and takes cognizance of the specific acts of these organs, and
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been originally "barren." It is irrigated and fertilized by the
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follow a lesion on the corresponding side of the medulla, regardless of
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whenever you are thirsty. Better eat a dozen times a
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examination. A polypoid growth will often be seen at the upper part of
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was 92,032. At the end of March 1939, of this number 11,428 had been
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With a Foreword by Lieut. -(General Sir T. H. J. C. Goodwin, K.C.B.,
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peare«i. arc honrd quite frequently. Some regard tliis state of things
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patient to another. He did not know whether Dr. Arnold would go so far as
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people. Now, by this form, the susceptibility to a second attack is
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for its devotion to "the auld Stuarts." The exiled king passed the
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tals, each completely staffed. The St. John Ambulance As-
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space- and groin were enlarged; amputation; recovery.
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one piece covered with loco thickly enough so that the animals in
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good or bad practice, is not for me to determine ; but, for the
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patient it has been determined that when the woman is placed in the
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to evaluate it, the book should prove useful. — L.W.P.
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rigid, was quite pliant. Delirium then supervened, but yielded to Quinine and Opium,
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The patient was transfused, and then the tube was re-
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Ureteral catheterization has not become so easy that it is to be recom-
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accordingly some three years ago published a paper on the
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*'ll. Primary periostitis of traumatic origin but seldom gives rise to much
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ury that the French family of lithotomists — the Collets —
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Avere found to be decayed, the fangs of some of them alone remaining.
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the requirements ol the most exacting students, but in the international
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frequently injured in this manner. Cases have occurred where a
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add the rest of the sugar of milk in small portions, triturating
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some marked effect on the metabolism of the liver to have
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speaker said, in which leprosy has attacked three mem-
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The savage is all face, and, therefore, be needs very little clothing. He
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section, with the consequent exposure of a large raw surface
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