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Does Claritin Treat Depression

trine of the famous Malthas will have to be put in practice, nor so great as to be
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and the patient complained of a vise-like constriction in her
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families of Spain, Portugal, ami other European countries, from marrying nieces and
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minerals as a medicine, but have steadfastly set their faces against them, and en-
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Faculty of Medicine. With an Atlas of Twenty-four Plates.
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a gramme (15 grains), and he mixes it with powdered canella. He
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this does not answer; the disease has got into the blood — the blood has become
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have been a1 sea Baj they should have been buried thereout for my advice and
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calculated as a certain fraction of the patient's weight. Where
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This case alone shows only the adaptability of the gas-ether
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said in this vital and intricate problem; and let us, therefore,
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In cases of cholera morbi tiould be made of the Dysentery Specific. If
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On examination, there is a fulness of the symphysis pubis,
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any form of egg-containing food, but after persistent quizzing
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or three attacks of chorea, with long intervals previously, and his mother assures
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will enervate the system, lead to a deterioration of the human race mentally and
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may be studied, according to IMonakow, by giving 20 gm. of
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him to so much of dampness or of dust as is endured by the mason ; although in the
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male sex attain their full height before 40, and all of the female by the age of 30.
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I would observe here, that cancer may attack other portions of the pelvic viscera,
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cation is more complete, all the organs ready for action, while the length of the
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defeat in the attainment of some desired point, the sickness or sad fate of children,
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present a combination of cerebrospinal and aortic syphilis. The
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stand out in well-marked relief from the surface. Cases are,
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(Lee.) Pathology and Treatment of Urethral Calculi. (New York
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This is^ of course^ a state of things which calls for reform. The
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and a mouse-eaten appearance of the mesial cephalic portion
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states that this proportion is probably too large. Trousseau says,
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nomenon coincides and announces the approaching contraction ; this
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"Who does not know that thousands of men have been driven to commit crime by
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traction (thickening with shortening), of the so-called primitive
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whoso business it is to answer the calls of nature and attend to a rational gratifica-
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sick, and dealt out fifty pounds of calomel each, and given the other poisons also,
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recovered. The author says, ^' in all cases in which, at my first
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and one which we shall do well to follow. (See Sexual Onanism, or Pollution.)
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vention, I think, might be discovered capable of cutting the rags in a box. and pre-
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afiixed in the book. We have arranged them in three tables.
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self—she cannot escape from it, and knows not what it is, and those around not
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