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of multiple abscesses in the internal organs, and in various other parts of

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RUSSELL, S. RISIEN, M.D., F.R.C.P., Assistant Physician to University

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par. 29. Before use, any media not autoclaved in the container in

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Infection is acquired by ingestion of encysted larvae (metacer-

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looked upon as a symptom rather than a complication of the disease. It

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that such is thought by many to be the case has been claimed,

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legs, the fluid being injected through the femoral arteries. Some

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each other, and yet the bacterial flora may vary in individual cases, as for

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own full storehouses of knowledge, this announcement will be

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ment. Every disease has a cause. It may be, and often is, easy to detect

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every scab has fallen off, and desquamation has ceased, the patient may be

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In blood or animal tissues, the organisms are encapsu-

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culture. The use of the streaked plate provides a practical method

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from the prospectus for the present year that two more volumes

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rests steady, though preserving a certain mobility. (Hering.)

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a. Characteristics. Proteus organisms are non-pigmented

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portions. If kept in a refrigerator the urease solution

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do well to make themselves acquainted with its contents, that

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The chief symptoms to be remembered in the headache of

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physicians who respect the religious convictions of their patients.

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July 29 to Aug. 14. The patient was progressing rapidly

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tions, each plays its role ; but, above all, we must regard the lesion in the

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any other is a careful discrimination necessary. We commend

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weighed to within 0.1 mg and transferred to a 250-ml flask. The

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the continued application of hot water in closing open blood-

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lar fibrillation, left ventricular preponderance, and an inverted

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the organisms which in the tissues are anaerobic can, outside the body, be

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conscientiously following a diet of carbohydrate 25 grams,

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the organism becomes pathogenetic. The organism in its new character

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recapitulate briefly the different kinds of laryngeal stenoses.

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tentacle causing the basal part to bend, often through an angle

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