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Canine Side Effects Of Chloramphenicol

with something of the awe inspired by tlie bones of thy

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Liquids shoidd not be injected into the nose, owing to the danger of

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Professor Sheridan D^lepine, Dr. Soltau Fenwick, Dr. Gal-

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ribbon-like appearance. An early examination by the finger should

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from his self-inflicted injuries, the case would then have been

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pears, and the curve becomes smaller, and the muscle liies.

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Council a portrait of his ancestor. Alderman Joseph

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bone. The paralysed muscles were faradised every day. Volunta'-v

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Case u—Compauitd Frarlare of Riqht Ifnmeriis : Parnlijsis of Median

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for their own purposes, advertised the fact by card, circular, or in the;

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This metastatic abscess formation, so to speak, in the liver does

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be read with much regret by the great majority of the pro-

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lady who presented symptoms of cerebral disorder, along with febrile

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noimced as immistakably affected by this complaint by a number

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Itily. In 1879 he was appointed Professor of Physiology in

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[Reported by W. A. Wills, M.D.Lond., M.R.C.P., Medical

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it is a diffused soreness which spreads without definite restriction to

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increasing and causing the local disturbances with the functions of

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Chorea is now generally admitted as resulting from the same agent

canine side effects of chloramphenicol

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druggist, a registered druggist, or a licentiate of the Apothecaries' fclaU."

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The profession can no longer be in doubt as to the facts

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cricket, and doubted the advisability of making paper-

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in this "caper" his eyes became fixed and his pupils dilated. It was in

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pleurnl cavity. The lung could be partially seen sinking

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become patron to the Lp-Country Nursing Association for

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Treatment. — Besides the measures which we have enumerated for

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beers. These patients should partake freely of water; if not, a mild

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Beadford MBDicoCHiEmGiCAL SOCIETY. — A meeting of

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foramen. Its symptoms then are very striking; the whole side of the

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of the limgs, particularly at their bases, finally establishing a condition


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