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missed cases and carriers. The author places considerable

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under X ray treatment. It is suggested that the growth of the tonsil

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years was confined to her room with shutters closed

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by the surgeon when on his first consultation he recog

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Hospital Physician to the Philadelphia and Preebyterian Hospitals former

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orrhage witli proptosis and eventual optic atrophy. When damage lt f this

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such a course of action will dawn upon educators who

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pushed so as to excite ptyalism aided or not by the application of

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in operations for localized adhesions are i perfect

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walled off from the general abdominal cavity by strong

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but representative. In addition to the three strains isolated from

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extensors in opposition to short flexors and short ex

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person could have the fortitude to have the operation

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stage of failing compensation. It may also be of service after

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taint of orphans the frecjuency of tuberculosis was diminished.

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still more when a magnifying glass of moderate power is em

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puppies by dropping a pure culture into the nares once started it is

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cases of pancreatic suppuration are associated with occlusion of the duct

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lumbar glands its nerves are filaments of the splenic plexus.

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longevity arc to be taken into consideration. But it

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pole on the cervical region of the spine and the negative

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ments paved the way for the more elaborate investigations of

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No evidence of labor was present. The os was wholly

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The names mentioned in the caption do not by any means

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developed stage of severer trouble or are they always self limited As

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Squint in its relation to the general practitioner. Med.

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familiar with degrees of opacity in the fluid which

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the results of long observation of these cases do not

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