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A good example of this is furnished by a recent article

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congenial to her machinations where apparently she has

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The chief stimulants of the animal frame are the acts of

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to which the part wlien swollen is subjected. By an incision ex

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London and Edinburgh asks for only one year as a necessity.

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are of no use whatever for these invalids they only

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and human types of infection in material obtained from

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After a few days segments in considerable numbers were

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copy of Buchan or Wesley s domestic medicine but of late years

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know something about the work done by this important division

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once covering it with iodoform and collodion and trust

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Yet such an event is not impossible in the nature of things.

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men is almost constantly sunken or empty and the bowels

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promptly removed and stimulation is at once resorted to.

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days are over. Human knowledge is never stationary or

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sufficient energy to maintain life. Working capital being all exhausted

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death of John Hunter there is one part of his labours in anatomy

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At night fever came on the child grew hoarse and showed some

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plugging in three cases and regarded them as instances

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have constantly before them the sentiments of the Legislature

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be felt were in the left side of the neck immediately above the

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avoided. I say take all possible precautions to prevent

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Then God made a pair of each of the animals a male and

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and physiological rest assisting the functions of the

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dent can come about the only objection I can see to its

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with very hot water inserted a drainage tube and closed the abdomen

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intestinal tract of all mammals it is probable that

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uterine arteries and to some extent by the volume of the

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