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the previous night was soon dissipated and so clear

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drawing toothache with pain extending to tlie ears or to the arms and

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necessary to explain this apparent inconsistency one must account for

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the rule observed is always to hold the upper frag

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profile. Next day the portraits suddenly disappeared and were suc

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gin is likewise firm and also sharp but thicker than normal

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need nf any additional testimony in their favor. He

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to better purpose than I can but I may be permitted to express

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had generally enjoyed good health and had always been very stout

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directly from the intracranial exudate but valuable information may be

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scribed his method which he said was very simple and very

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similar condition in the solid viscera and in the muscular fibres of the

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Deutsche medicinische Wochenschrifl. June and July

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intestine sewing the margins of the two slits together.

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out the entire length of the intermediate portion pursue a parallel course

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Trigonometrical Survey of India. ITiere is one chemist Mr.

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ers. In some cases there even appeared an insufficiency

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evening and forwarded to the editors of medical journals with the least

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greater. For example is the placenta a transmitting a sifting a detaining

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At this stage of the operation considerable haemorrhage

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communication between the lymph vessels and the urinary passages. It is

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their statement. The first of these writers in reply to the

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American community is often much too often disastrously slow in

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following The body was greatly emaciated. The left foot

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of these ulcers were very small. Of these cases there

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sions of the people were quieted by it. But the circumstance that slaves


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