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the history of which several of our professional friends in this

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Will proceed from Fort Porter N. Y. to New York City

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followed him on the street. I literally picked him out

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any part of the house from fumigation except the sick

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without impairment of motor power from whatever cause.

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fessors seldom alluded to them in their lectures for they were waiting

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the use of electricity and the free use of Damiana. These

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had a habit of protruding his tongue and whilst doing so

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attentive examination of these channels at post mortem

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more accelerated. Occasionally consciousness is entirely restored

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the young man won the prize of the French Academy which

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There is a water famine in Germantown which threat

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beneath the pleura and pericardium. In consequence of the fluid condition

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had her tongue inflamed a German prince who was sick with

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which leprosy often bears a most deceptive resemblance. The fol

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covered by several epithelial layers. The soft fibromata

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vited to send in reports of their Child Welfare work personal notes

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there had been no relief from the pain which has con

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lent cultures it should be possible to convert the passive into an active

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two by Dr. A. Hazlewood on Trichinae and Water supply in its

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PflN TI PAT flhl Cerebral Congestion Headache Indigestion Bile Hemorrhoids etc.

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it can easily be proved that the latter force plays the most important

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yielded a potent serum. Jensen worked up the three following methods

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there was but one spring in a dry time and we never


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