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specially indicated if there is ansemia. The ammoniated tincture of

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cussion on " change of type in disease " is an example. Physicians try

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common in men. It is distinguished by fulness of vessels with stag-

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above treatment was undertaken to rule out a possible syphilitic basis. There

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the posterior portions of the pons and medulla. The superficial sensa-

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rule both lobes are equally affected, but in two or three cases the

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severe crisis of pain the cell count temporarily increased. To sum-

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111. Von Graefe : Archiv fur Ophthalmologic, Bd. 3, 1857.

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nervousness, are so frequently present that they are usually consid-

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and syrup ; did not drink milk, did not care for it ; stated that she was a fairly

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there is the possibility of a fatal issue from the disease or death of

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and that (3) the so-called transitional cell is not a lymphocyte, any

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blocks the minute arteries of the wall of the vessel (the vasa vasorum),

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the sinuses or pockets of the valves, and it is almost impossible to in-

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more frequently (four times) with this drug, it may have a little

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probably also diffuse in nature, connecting with the upper, intercaval

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siderably lessened. Two hours later (three and one half hours after the

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epilepsy, and the like. Such a label as " Graves' disease," when it has

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(Experiments 9 and 10) these bundles were ligated during the course

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service without difficulty, who never had an attack either cardiac or

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knowledge of the construction of the normal nerve cell. Thus degen-

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employed, constants. He further found that these constant values

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mentioned a similar case. Hayden said that the duration of life in

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0.177 second, ventricular 0.34 second, the diastole 0.4 second; but


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