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reau, October 20, 1910, for the purpose of conducting a

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ablutions in, or aspersions with, the waters of holy

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Cicatricial obstruction ; beginning motor insufficiency.

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Anscherlik, Hugo. Beitrag zu den bisherigen Erfalirun-

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Treatments: Mineral Salt Baths, Electricity, Massage, Diet, etc.,

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compensation shall be in case death results from iniury:

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tract will produce the symptoms of the disease, and

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agnostik und Tberapie der Tuberkulose. Fiir Acrzte und

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tablished bismuth method, it will find a place in con-

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kee on September 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, the following offi-

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November 3d and 4th, under the presidency of Dr. L. M.

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knowledge that ninety-eight per cent, of our scries

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remedy of repute, but its action is slow, and it must

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c.c. normal caustic soda solution, and when the re-

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attacks, or repeated attacks of periton.sillar abscess.

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icine ( Section in Pathology) ; Trijjrofessional Medi-

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still marked Kemig's sign and marked rigidity of neck

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promptly as any other chronic ailhient can be cured.

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exhibit interesting factors in this line of study. In

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A. Parker, M. D. Series 1910. Chicago : The Year Book

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offers the keenest incentive to do good work and so soon as the

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It is well known that as the sigmoid flexure is the

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ble not only for small, slowly developing cancerous

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cause I was accomplishmg more and doing better than 1

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Stern, who died in New York on Monday, December 5th:

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valent group diseases estimated to constitute anywhere from 50


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