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Dr. Batten exhibited a specimen of syphilitic gumma oJ

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in olive oil, as well as the elaborate methods of milk analysis,

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such acts having to receive the consent of the Cortes before

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no sign of wry-neck has been noticed as yet, 1 intend watching the case

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Dr. R. Mansell-Jones (Brighton), writes : As the juice of the thyroid

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appeal for further funds. As the success of the scheme is

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compressors of the vagina. However, special dissections of

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virus can be established in the case of rabbits and pigeons.

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the Fellows of the Royal College ol Snrgeooe in Ireland are

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he effected a remarkable cure," it is possible that at Bordeaux,

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a man of ordinary reticence would have left untold. Mr.

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lab tests for cyp2c19 and plavix

no sucli deviation from the normal could be detected a few

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posed it to occur in utero without injury, and which had only

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resorts a trial. With praiseworthy public spirit some of the

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W.C, send us, under the title of the Ablutonic Sponge, a

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at Winterton 9 cases and 1 death, schools being closed, and one house-

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Hart, Dr. W. M. Ord, Mr. J. R. Upton, and Sir Spencer

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broad principle we can discover no attempt to grapple with

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hides ; he rempmbfred having laid liis hands on two bales of

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We are glad to learn tliat the Local Government Board have decided upon

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Gate, Essex, to Emmy, second daughter of Walter Whitlock, Esq., of

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ansina was very much worse than any previous one. henoe the con-

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was turned over, the area of resonance moved two inches, so

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laboured very assiduously to qualify himself for the respon-

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which have just been described as caused by eating dried cod fish. A

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and meat, we may observe that it finds only partial support

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SiCHEL, G., M.R.C.S., L. E.G. P.Lond., appointed House-Surgeon to Guy's

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from small-pox during 1892, and there is only too much

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and we fail to see any justification for B.'s second letter. Doubt may occa-

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ment, of the inner head of the flexor carpi ulnaris, tliis

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sented an interesting report upon the subject, and lie appears

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ease, simply because no means could be found to make the

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of the compulsory notification system is being rigorously attended to.

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Dr. S. R. LovETT, Medical Officer of Health, St. Giles s,

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We will try to offer some explanation of "our failures,

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energy in denouncing isolated cases of what it alleges to be care-

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possible hindrance to international trafiic and commerce. In

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Dr. W. Russell said that histologically no one could say

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were conducted in the wards of the hospital under circum-

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can as a matter of right claim a special jury, but a man


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