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The same excellent authority also states that he has known

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together the symptoms which occur concomitantly during the course

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duties for those of the field or made the field the scene of

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in the Lancet a successful operation with the pulse and

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roentgenographic procedures I conclude that the left

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rants and stimulants when necessary. In children when

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hard and rough on the surface b Httle nodules and the investing

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a distinct whizzing about the aorta accompanying systole which is

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Under the non operative should be included all forms of intestinal

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and extravagancies to which it attains something fit to be

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breathing had become easier The matter was quite thin and

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not notice it at length but simply direct attention to it

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There are changes in the urine in addition to those

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tunates who resort to such practices with the hope of obtaining

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with disproportion between the passenger and the passage are impossible

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which connect the cavities with the perirenal tissue. The capsule is

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which to land the patient whereupon the writer virtually

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NMterior horns of gray matter. These bands they call the external or lateral

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Massachusetts Maryland Connecticut Delaware New Jersey and

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variety in his condition is afforded by a rheumatic affection of the

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Strong The cold water tread the arm plunge and head

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tion as they were clearly in the wrong. This they never did and

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the first sound. Nor must we fail to take into account

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tract it in early life the first two years. It very

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place of copper sulphate. It is employed as a mild caustic in

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normal again. Such cases demand great circumspection and care

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vagant spirit full of forms figures shapes objects ideas appre

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ets appears to have owed its origin in this country namely

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likely to benefit and thus far is of advantage. The

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many idea says The parts involved are disposed to ex

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given as yet perhaps a suflficiently thorough trial to establish its exact

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the internal reproductive organs are deranged as in amenorrhoea

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times in insanity which has been so far improved by the

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exceeding their regular daily dose as do the majority of the Chi

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of the virtues and at its close an example of christian

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also very badly neglected teeth. Alcohol and lues were both posi

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phatics first the inguinal glands became enlarged later

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long been recognized by ophthalmologists it is a singular fact

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mination of the possibility of an operation equally easy

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servative estimate.of the results prompt him to say that


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