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matter can collect. When the dog attempts to defecate he is in

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the organ injured or on the nature of the injury received.

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of fluids into the peritoneal cavity. In urgent cases hypodermoclysis

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to the hospital but had marked weakness of both lower

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whilst he who is suffering with an inflammatory affection sees all things

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mortality of less than half that of the native whites

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Selection of meeting place and time for next meeting

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does an iridectomy while Burnett never does. Dr. Valk uses a

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symptoms of long duration with more recent paroxysms of suffocative dyspnoea

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New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital Visit

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Dr. R. Hirschberg reports a single case which was successfully treated

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Arthritis of Gastrointestinal Origin Its Diagnosis and Treatment.

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itive channels for the relief of hypersonic conditions

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remedy to a wary phyfician when the dangerous quality thereof feems obvious

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Mock Buckwheat Cakes. To make mock buckwheat cakes warm

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tion of the angle have already been noted. Further consideration of thq

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set to their therapeutic endeavors others unfortunately

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position arose the no less absurd doctrine that a spiritual

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three years old the fluid was purulent in and in the other

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and died comatose seven days after the birth of her tenth child.

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the heart was normal and of these had rheumatic fever

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It is with particular regard to the two latter extracts thai this

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the erect position the intra vesical pressure is three times that in the

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that this was impracticable and I therefore chiselled through the femur

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suffer. Executive officers he will see much or little of.

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fect vision in that direction. The gradually progressing extrusion

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successful career. A knowledge of the development of


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