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four days the case looked doubtful but the dog resisted and in

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topographical distribution shows that here as elsewhere

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oval cavity about one thirtieth of the length of the digestive canal.

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ticular fubjetls. It fhould appear however to every

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except in special cases and where the use of instruments is re

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who does not believe in the Pharmacopoeia. La medecine des

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There is a striking difference between the rabbits receiving

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and sheep must eat to get fat and to remunerate their owners.

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not deliberately and carefully pursued until a complete

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That view of thyroid hyperplasia is held by Marine and Lenhart

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about forty five persons more than half of whom pre

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same source but we have not yet the full particulars. It was of

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hospitals and in private sanitaria a dramatic increase in patients

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abortive run on to the humerus. The cervico humeral slips levator

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ic changes from the motions of animals from the ob

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have been held with a concise account of the salient

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produced by infecting a tuberculous animal with strep

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more stringent than the European practice. The nodular

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relative density of its contents and that of the liqun san

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function of existence. Disease is a disorder of nutrition.

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Medicine reports on the lumbar puncture of fifty four

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mechanical dvscrasic mixed or undetermined but these are objected to by

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built and arranged for their purpose. hat other are

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attacked the fetus but developed in the newborn the

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tions with each other and with society are peculiar. The

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usually by severe pain one or more hours after eating avoid

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