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moments when sleep has overpowered the deep resolves of

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Thomas Lodge we must pause for a moment. His "Fig for

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ensue. This is not infrequent in the soles of the feet in shop assistants

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and earn, or partly earn, his living after the physician has made this

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tation of the miserable feeling will depend to some extent on the age,

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methods, some of which are destructive, others tedious

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sexual excitation, of which the woman is usually much ashamed ; or there

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the patient some months afterwards reminded him gratefully of the

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The rash appears at the end of two to four days. The skin becomes red,

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cases the process is less active ; the affected region, as a whole, presents

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this way, and almost without warning ; many women never get over a

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a certain age of life, and only then at certain times. They

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theless, there are no absolutely hard-and-fast lines in mental disease ; and

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relation to the recency of the insane attack ; thus a father, having begotten

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irythemes pneumoniques chez Venfant, Th. de Paris, 1896. — 47. Renaed. Sur les ■

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it ; pledgets of lint covered with this ointment are also to be introduced

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electrical stimulation, as well as by general treatment with arsenic

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say to having their love-sickness doctored in this summary

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and by the interosseal flexion of the fingers — as in some forms of cerebral

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less, may dissolve enough silicate from the glass to

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selves, that the inhabitants were induced to give up all

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spasmodic contraction of one or more muscles on one side, which results

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of the convolutions over them. Occasionally psammomata are found

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case (Folker's) it is said to have been " red." The irides appear pink and

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discharges originate in the facial nucleus. Emotional disturbance may

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or outwards and downwards ; and in such cases the mouth also is often

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employed this method the fluid was cultivated and found to be sterile.

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remove, and soon begins to increase if any more arsenical preparations

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gested and painful ; and there may be distinct febrile reaction. Papules,

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tubercle bacillus exists in thrice the strength in the insane as in the sane ;

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acutest cases we found haemorrhages into the ganglion destroying it in


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