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the needle in this method, the surgeon usually places

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it will not lose its reward and it costs you . nothing ;

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ing, butthe moment thefirst mouthful reaches the part

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tioner learns at length to despise the relation of in-

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CoUece, 2 P.M. — London. 2 p.m. — Royal London Oph-

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above, the smaller size and less dense nature of the

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health herself. After her last confinement she took

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instances of hyperaemia of lung-tissue which do not

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Merthyi- Tydfil. In London, it is 273 in 100,000. Dr.

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the pleasui-e of being able to invite oiu- friends to the

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JSliaIhe, who supposes that the especial sufferers use

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' I began the translation of dEgineta in the end of

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was found considerably to the right of its normal position.

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expelling the poison, or of depriving it of its noxious

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has had several children, but the catamenia had not ap-

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the disease; or, in the event of this failing, creasote

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be the worst thing that could happen to you; you would

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stand at present, there exists necessarily a Httle pre-

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most generally popular and beloved, but the medical

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sions : 1 . Proving that something is the effect of a

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diplomas, conducted with the patients before us, but

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have never used sufflation ; but have tried the injec-

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local application of arsenical escharotics. The patient

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secret and inexplicable alteration in the bowels of the

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tion of the body or in the mechanism of the body. I

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must have been in the oesophagus and cov.ld not have

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have described in my published lectures, and then I

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tific memory was prodigious, and he had such stores

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httle more than a thin sheet of fat and fascia. It is

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to indicate any serious lesion of the bx'ain-substance

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tinues to mingle a factitious charity with the abomi-

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of serum, and sometimes of blood-globules, into the

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vent diffusion of active oxygen tkrough the apartment,

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muscles, it could be made to walk, and this was the

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Japanese fashion, the " aretes" being formed of white

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