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tumor like masses. The lesions were found principally

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lous ulceration of the stomach an extremely rare occurrence.

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rubbed upon the outside as a liniment. The following combination of articles

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the percentage of fatal cases due to acute articular rheu

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tion with dilute hydrochloric acid. This milk diet was

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patients has been over. The Committee have concluded

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tients has just been opened at Eaglesville Pa. about

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In requesting a change of address give the old address as

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to a test at least so far as the atmospheric conditions are concerned.

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days after however she is again taken in the same way and by

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may occur. This can only be prevented by the best anti

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vertigo confusion or slight intellectual aberration cephalalgia

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the spinal column every other day for about five minutes each time

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sistent to chemical agents hence the uselessness of the common plans

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Some hospitals reported good results in a few cases of suppurative sinusitis

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regards obstetrical cases it has been asserted by some that puerperal

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contrary too soft and yielding to retain any harsh impression. The

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but that when rigorously enforced the State regulation

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it is called battledore placenta. The placenta admits

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functionating life have become so intensified and fixed as

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intense there may be an excessive serous exudation which imparts

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