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asylum walls, all the benefits of a manual training school and

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it is non-motile, and on the interior of the bacilli small colorless spots

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this symptom is most troublesome during the last stage of the aifection.

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Correct building of the limb is impinlaut if stability is to be

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when death takes place at a late period, and then the brain-substance

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this auto-infection of the milk-supply. To the reckless and

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lemons from the trees and see the palms flourishing in the

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as practical. The late Professor Theophilus Parvin was a

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Trousseau died in 1867, and to the day of his death was the

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greater or less interval or become much milder after the first hydriatic

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The researches of Isaac Ott have taught us not only that fever is due

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Henry W. Ellis, at the corner of London Street and Crawfoni

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but the wet pack should continue three hours. The skin now excretes

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looks as though the bacillus icteroides had been defined as the

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in the intestinal canal of persons ill of cholera. Recent investigations

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could still be converted into fat and stop the diabetes, but it

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amination he gets definite information as to its cause, etc.

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removing dead epithelium which obstructs the outlets of the sweat

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(a) The most frequent cardiac complication is acute endocarditis,

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was. Consequently, 1 looked around and tried to improve myself;

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by hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart, where we

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strate that we should cease to regard elevation of temperature as the

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Hysteria — Neurasthenia — Dr. D. D. Richardson's Views on the Treat-


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