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The patient though poorly nourished had quite a fat
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in tlie cord lias all the characteristics of the external disease as in
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full were injected daily therefore from fifteen to thirty cubic centimetres of
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abundance of fruit. Lavage deserves a prudent trial.
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year the latter at twilight of a dark momiug gave the
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bulk in the stomach seemed to afford relief from hunger. After
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taking investigations at the bed side were calculated to
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adjustment in the jaws of the holder but it would be
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that they will penetrate the smallest cavities and bronchi.
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Irritation of the Hitzig centres continued to produce the peculiar mus
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resembled those of acute dysentery viz. more or less
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the importance of accurate and repeated observation. In the
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destroying fats and that the integument when it has
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acetylated in acetic acid solution by means of acetic anhydride.
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rod. Keep this up until the mixture assumes a purplish color and
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facts do not prove the presence of anastalsis in the
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and in many cases the avoidance of all food for twenty four
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made of various forms to be filled with air or water
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has well expressed it the artery of the child and that of the
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Second the microorganisms may be intimately associated with or
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A further technical deficiency in the preparation of the vac
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been about pounds half a pound more or less to a patient
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the cellular tissue of the inlet and progressed both upwards and down
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ing knowledge there is increasing difficulty in sharply
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remedy to a wary phyfician when the dangerous quality thereof feems obvious
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gastric pain less since leeching j slept better. Ethe
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hemorrhage from the lungs are not from the Itmgs at all but
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though it was shown that contributory influences were not wanting.
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of a very minor order. In one case I found a lobular
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termination behave difi erently from spinal lesions and supposing that


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