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parallel it could only unite convergent rays rendered so by a

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Information concerning the eye muscle nerves in Amphibia

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and ingeniously stained for potassium by cobalt hexanitrite. By such

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and am convinced that it possesses greater power over this

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Kansas and to prevent the spread of contagious and infectious dis

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preparation. Discontinuance of the drug under my directions

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American physician said Boil your ice Do not rely on

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plied. Creolin solution was freely used for cleaning the wound

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hear in mind the following points dl The eye and the

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labour is long protracted and there have been long intervals between

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then put tlrrough tlie lower pulleys. If these rings

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thirty seven cases have been put on record up to the year. Between

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etiology prophylaxis and treatment of all organs which

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will not in this time kill bacteria with spores but these

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the department of neurology all of them inspired by

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A statement of the method of performing the test as given by Mr.

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There are changes in the urine in addition to those

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mg from the.ever the micrococcus s found in abundance th Ik

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Other species are also used but these occur in the greatest quantity and

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with what success let their individual history in the

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too large doses of cod liver oil are prescribed. Superfluous acidity

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Carolus Nelson Scotus. On the Human and Comparative Ana

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oilier view that an increased proportion of uric acid is found in the

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immediately the cause was not discovered till alter eating

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pertension are undoubtedly significant factors. Bed

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and considerate operations that can be done. Wherever I find there is

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other. In dropsy we must of course follow the same rule but as

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Physics Chemistry Botany and Zoology. Pirsl Kcan Preliminary


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