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much harm ; nevertheless when the infection is conveyed from them to

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renal arteries. In the foetus these arteries are as large as the renal

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one which age had rendered faulty. The great movement in

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tents as soon as fresh food enters above. But, conversely, irritation

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questions those relating to vaccination and small-pox. It did not, in-

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and larynx down, without the presence of fluid secretions.

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is taken out of the bath. This is best treated by giving a teaspoonful

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leading from or to these patches. The lesions of disseminated sderosis,

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Optic discs healthy. .3rd, 4th, and 6th. Ocular movements seem free and

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be the speedy cause of death. When the bleeding is extensive the

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T:rt iitr^oiiiiiisii it :rtt ^auCTtTKTrrmTS 5? is jct vl&alhr

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periments, which we shall hope to publish shortly, I do not

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before the Society at so opportune a time, with the imminent

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lactic, by a prolonged and systematic course of intestinal antiseptics.

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her first confinement. She had been in labour for many

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to decompose nitrites are destroyed by the reducing agents

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tenesmus and reappearance of the membranous casts. He has again

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port, however, stands good, and constitutes complete evidence

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he deprecated, for while some of them, like preparations of cascara. are

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symptoms of uremic dyspnea are present, the physician should be on

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given freely, according to the patients' powers of assimilation. The

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is that now so well known, and generally recognized as " Addison's

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of them without needing the intervention of any vague primary ner-

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Vertigo is not uncommon in fimctional derangements of the ali-

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elastics," and was finally successful with a large prostatic

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