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one of uraemia due to loss of secreting power of the kidneys, the direct
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coming hourly weaker and weaker while the heart's action is strong and
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training then he should call to his assistance the obstetric
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plan throughout, Avould supply that tact and experience which
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Further studies (Winternitz and Pratt^^) on the relation of various
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own throat, was easily influenced at the first attempt, and rendered
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new formation was permitted to remain. In case III., a partial membrane
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nous congestion. As I had anticipated, in a very few moments the
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pair, living in close relatiouship and contact for many
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flow from a wound of a vein when giving an intravenous injection. The blood is con-
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T. J. Maclagan, gave as the average temperature in the morning a fraction
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of us who had to grope our way. Some of you may be surprised,
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a large proportion of the victims of tliia di. sense. It complicates and aggravates
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Thus apoplectic or other destruction of some portion of one of the cerebral
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our conclusions with the Conference of Professors of Surgery in Great
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to a certain extent be imitated. The accompanying diagram
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cutta, we made an experiment with the crew of the ship
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substantially higher among the very old (age > 85 years)


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