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Act adopted in Kinross, that the Public Health Committee
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posterior extremities. There is complete loss of sensibility
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judging by the condition of affairs in the Punjab (census 1891)
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our knowledge of tuberculosis, which is known to be an
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Honorary Secretary should distribute them among the mem
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able. It is suspected that he lets his own cases go scot-free,
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any attempt at reduction till the patient was stronger and
aldactone uses side effects
power. In stained specimens the transverse sections of the
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when compared with the results of marriages contracted by
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vaccination, and in the second half of the first year of life
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advertiser is a quack, and the so-called remedies wortli-
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Volunteers, is appointed Sargeon-Lieutenant to the Mersey Division, Sub-
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Paralvsis. Dr. Robinson and Dr Gogartv : Cholera. All men bers of the
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rose from these sinks. The County Council had ordered two
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justifiable in septic conditions, liut in a normal case where no febrile
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merit, and that is a relative one — in prescribing, after long
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modern doctor had to acquire effectually prevented him from
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plete, and a considerable quantity of cortical matter is likely
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OBicer, doubly qualified. Salary, £100 per annum, with board, resi-
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which has put in force Part HI of the Housing of the Working Classes
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locally thought of as London street refuse, which some of the patients
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Dr. A. R. Cushny. Strassburg ; Dr. T. C. Charles, London ; Dr. C.
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find that I have occupied more time than I intended. For
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tion must have been a chronic and dangerous disorder of the digestive
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IGth to 7^ F. Ships were unmanageable through the ice on
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cerous embolus, adducing in support of his view the general
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Mr. P. B. Stoney, Millom ; Mr. J. Startin, London ;"Mr. T. Savile, War-
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Naturally, it cannot enumerate all possible impurities which
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Wandereh must charge only according to the terms of his contract
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hard round isolated papules. Like measles, it first shows itself
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W. H. Heard, School of Physic, Trinity College, Dublin ; T. Hickie,
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thus formed was dilated gradually, until by the resection of about two
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papyrus is one still connected with worms, the "aaa-
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patients dying suddenly the medical practitioner should
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had been nearly three months hors de coynbat, and was anxious
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