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read a paper on railway injuries, in which he presented
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of both white and colour fields of vision ; the field for green being well
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ground-floor ; all looked as if life had been suddenly
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very fretful, and, that fretfulness continuing, Dr. Smith was led to
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Jaccoud ' holds that the beneficial action ot Salicylate of Soda in
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of a calculus is in proportion to its size and the roughness of its surfaces.
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cyanogen, together with other hydrocarbons, among which is a
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luteum ; and, secondly, that bodies undistinguishable from true corpora
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constitutes an important element in scorbutus; and, according to this
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sexual function from this cause must be rare indeed.
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compared with the number of deaths during the preceding
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The paper is divided into three parts. In the first Dr. Reynolds
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ascribe it all to one source, which doubtless is a great saving
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the universe. The hypothesis of evolution seems capable of
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therefore these cases fairly represent what the general practitioner
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correctly done, in many failures; the failures, however, do not neces-
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For the past twenty-five years the patient has had irregular periods
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any other drug user, but, being in a posi- refined, delicate woman, who had been
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dered more varied by the hct that, in different cases, the irritation or
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Dr. Montgomery oh Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy ,8fc. 463
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Brows, D. Dtcb, M.A., M.D., has been elected one of the Medical Officers
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in the clinic of Koerner, Schlichting (A. f. 0., 49, 1900, p. 297)
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master, King James, by bearing tlie expense of his journey to
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acid solution should be much weaker, from five to fifteen
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does not hold good in the tropics, and in the Phihppine Islands all classes
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biological topics of the influence of conditions on the


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