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eliminate the nervous diseases and conditions which are easily
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especially true in the non parasitic forms of the disease. Etiologically
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off or leave pieces after the extraction of the major por
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pain darting from the occiput to the forehead for which he
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on the level of the cancerous mass involving the external
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medical questions proposed for discussion Tuberculosis and
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new and they acquire an orange brown tint through loss of water
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vanished since I visited the Downs last week and carefully
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He cannot work cannot think clearly cannot fasten his attention.
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the severe headache caused by catamenial suppression. Dr. Heywood
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case maybe regarded as a fair illustration of most cases of diphtheria.
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pleural sac still the diagnostic aid afforded by other circum
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charged with or brought under the influence of the muriated
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remittent fever. His pulse is accelerated but feeble and his
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colored figures on plates black and white illustrations.
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to elapse before he again indulges in coitus or marries.
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i concave glass before a normal eye we change it into a
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changes when observed are often variable. Changes in the eye grounds
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it to any cavity in the spinal cord whether physio
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fonncd. and give them an opportunity to express tlieir
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Baillule Asylum such contractures had been specially studied by the
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sorted to acidulated cold drinks were given and ergo
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anfwers to anything which was propofed to him.. His pulfe
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the adrenals is to set free the carbohydrates in the
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consideration which I would venture to commend especially to my
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head extended over the edge of the table so that the
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cases in which the virus of the disease has localized
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testimony is strongly in favor of its increasing the appetite
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satisfaction with which I am tilled when I reflect that in
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observing the rapidity with which KI which has been
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simple. At the end of the respiratory syphon if there
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hearts of the people of Port Jervis and vicinity not usually


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