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unpretentious lectures to draw attention to those meth

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short time ago at the Meath Hospital A child four years old

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in the forenoon he would be free of fever that he did not

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Ohronic Endocarditis. This predisposes to acute endocarditis both

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was most laborious the ehild making violent efforts to get

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few of the unfortunate cases are heard of. They in general treat all

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weeks and when the infant is fully under its influence

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mycosis fungoides in angiomata and naevi in keloid lupus

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presence of the catheter. He finally made a good recovery and

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an attack of fhis complaint Sneezing is a common symptom. Soon

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mental activity melting languishing eyes delicate bones and slightly

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of the paralysis. An attentive study of Smith s very meagerly re

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passes off. Feed on soft food and follow up with the fol

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the larynx were reported at an early dale but Fauvel

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organizations societies laboratories journals and authors. All applications for

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in some degree a prejudiced witness and I will therefore merely

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invalided home from South Africa as a result of typhoid. Thus

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Sometimes a suppression of Gonorrhoea will cause inflammation and

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ture and become transformed into irregular ulcers with bulging

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as by gravitation or insufflation been carried into certain parts of the lung.

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ing that most important function of bringing forth new life. The high

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brings it againsl a cylindrical tube also fitted with i e

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supply bleeding from veins the integrity of the as

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noea the lower portion of the thorax on the left side was


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