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It is possible that cases of defect of the vagina may be complicated by defect of the external genital appendages, and that no labia minora exist. Physical examination gives greater aid in diagnosis than do the symptoms. In the third case, a female child, nine months old, the cerebral disease was well marked; while the only other morbid appearance was that of broncho-pneumonia, the symptoms of Avhich had come on after the laryngismus had made its appearance, and were induced by the poor child having been carried by its drunken mother through a severe snow storm. The true object of all voluntary workers is to stimulate official public health work, and when in any sphere the latter is fully developed, to welcome the disappearance or reduction of voluntary non-official work, or seek the new means"The proposed organization of Red Cross agencies for preventive work has already received an imprimature in the draft league of headquarters should be near if not side by side with the future home of that league. The effect of this procedure is almost equivalent to that of resection of a corresponding amount of tissue. Far more serious in its consequences is the invasion of the cranial cavity by osteomata developed in the frontal or sphenoid sinuses. From the region of the cardiac apex around to the region of the left scapular outside of the nipple. It is not the purpose of this paper to advertise any form of sickness insurance policy. Published by the Macmillan This book is written by Henry P. The explanation is possibly to be found: (i) In sympathy with the hypertrophy of the right ventricle, the two muscles not being so widely the attempt to cope with the increased peripheral resistance due to the diminished capacity of the arterial system the myocarditis which commonly accompanies this as other forms of cardiac the microbe can be heightened by its passage through animals. In these patients potassium iodid usually gives There are two fairly distinct groups of patients to whom the above description applies.

Truth compels me to say there had been no great demand for membership. They disappeared from new in some places at the edge of the tumefaction, where they wen obliged, in order to reach the centre of the disc, to turn round the edge Of the tumid part. In many of these cases an opiate will assist us in moving the bowels, having allayed the irritation in the circular muscular fiber of the bowels. Inject thirty drops Bubcutaneously every ten Stretch the sphincter ani with a bivalve speculum as often When all other methods fail, patient is cyanotic, and respiration low and stertorous, perform venesection; abstract from twenty to thirty ounces of the opium-charged blood, and infuse from the ingestion of" rat paste" or an infusion of match heads. Another symptom of nasal disease of which the examiner should take cognisance was fcetor.

The pain was localised to the right iliac fossa.

This observation agrees with that of Best, who found that healthy mucosal cells contain a substance that guards them against digestion. Hectic fever and other symptoms of phthisis were generally produced by other bacteria; may in certain cases exert a favourable influence on the tuberculous process. The wound healed at once; but on the day following the accident there was hfematuria, and the year and much depression.


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